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The First Expression of Love is to Serve..

Our Foundation

One good wish made Well Wishers Foundation possible

An academically bright student aspired to complete higher studies. But lack of money made his father say to stop at 10+2 level. However, mother of the student did not lose hope and waited for a wish to come by her family's way. Seeing the child's enthusiasm to learn and shine high, a relative of the family came forward and agreed to support. The rest is history. The student went on to excel at academics and now is a successful software engineer. One good wish from the family's relative made this possible.

Having understood the pain and trauma what he went through, the engineer set his aspirations focused on providing education and financial support to the meritorious poor students. If only, there were wishes all over to make this world a brighter place. How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

Well Wishers Foundation was thus set up and is registered under Office of the Registrar of Societies


Many people and famous personalities inspired me in so many ways but i would say, First in my mind is my mother Smt. Seetha Maheshwari . One of the many things I love about my mother is her giving nature, always ready to help people. She encouraged me to connect with people as many as i can. She is brave and has positive thinking and which inspired me to be courageous and be in positive spirit.

Also, I inspired from my uncle Sri. M.S. Rao to start this foundation. I have high regards to him. He paid my college fees and supported me in many ways. He believed in me and always encouraged me to be assertive in all the work I do. He encourages me to be open-minded and outspoken.

These ways of thinking has greatly attributed to my personality.

I'm so grateful to my family, teachers, friends, doctors, well-wishers and great personalities...



To Provide support to deserving students through scholarships, prizes, awards

Motivate Students

To promote awareness and motivate students to develop their ability for appraised society and uplift their social status by providing guidance in building their careers

School Uniforms Donate

To ensure equality and student safety donate uniforms to students and make them feel they all are same

Eye checkup Camp

To Provide eye health service for under previliged students.

Social Welfare

Will help in documentation of all relevant info pertaining to career growth

Career counselling

To lift the public from the curse of poverty, hungry, illiteracy by providing career counselling

600 Total students Benefitted
10 Total Schools Benefitted
600 Happy Childrens
370 Volunteers

Our Team

People Behind This

Our core team with passionate hearts are committed to a shared vision and purpose.
We are proud of our committed and diverse team driven by our common goal to create better world for everyone. Also, we have dedicated team of members from around the world, who are always ready to lend their hand when ever needed.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world"

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Madhav Krishna


Ravi Kiran


Bala Hanuma


Satish Babu


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Ravindra Kumar


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Murali Krishna